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All That Is - is the energy that originated from the sound OM. This energy has descended to the earth plane during this time of your ascension from the third to the fifth dimension. This narrative is coming to you through the ‘Collective of three’, inter-dimensional beings nominated by All That Is to bring these perspectives to the human race at this time.

These messages are about you connecting to your higher self and aligning your individual energies to this higher energy and All That Is. This narrative will take you on many journeys with light beings through the ages, as they intimately interact with All That Is, giving you glimpses of their experiences.

As a personal experience, you will get to experience and interact with your own energy frequency as it relates to the larger universe and everything around you and how these energies are all cosmically connected.

The epoch you have just entered as cosmic beings, is a very exciting time as these energies are ripe for evolution of the human physical body into light bodies as designed by All That Is.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to get to know the energy of All That Is through your very own unique frequency.

The Voice of an Angel: Yeshua Bin Joseph - a light workers memoir

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