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Your Soul's Mission

Through the many hundreds of your years upon the earth plane, there has been the concept of time. This structure was a way to form practices and keep things organized as beings woke and slept with the sun rising and setting. It was during the day when things were easier to accomplish things as it was bright outside and things were easier to see and to discover. As this practice of doing things during the day became more embedded in the human consciousness, it began to form patterns of what could and could not be accomplished during the day and during the night. 

As time went by, the purity of the human being as designed by the Creator deteriorated for many reasons. Some of this is talked about in our other discourses and our book. One main reason for the deterioration was the manipulation by other star beings, who landed upon the earth plane and took this earth plane and its inhabitants as prisoners. It was during this time that the concept of time shifted. It moved from being a time when good things took place during the day, where beings worked hard, taking care of themselves and their families and then rested during the night, to something very dark and sinister. This original way of life was a very simple, but divine pattern of the human form. 

After the imposition or imprisonment of the earth plane, the imposters created a vibration of fear within the collective mind, that allowed for things to take place within the night under the cloud of darkness. It took on many forms and aspects - beings who were influenced by these imposter energies were manipulated into acts such as stealing, raping, drinking, debauchery and other such acts of depravity. As these acts infected the population, these thought forms and energies incorporated themselves into the human consciousness and the pure collective at that time. As these seeds of darkness grew within the human psyche, they took on lives of their own, where each of these energies were further explored. As they expanded and permeated through the population, many took it upon themselves to find ways in expanding and exploring these depraved energies through their own minds.

In this way, for example, ‘stealing’ became more sophisticated in its own right where today it can manifest in so many ways - such that hijacking an entire plane is considered normal in the mind of one or a group of such depraved minds. Drinking has taken on its own aspect, where it has expanded into sophisticated aspects of drug and alcohol consumption that has completely  saturated society as a whole, where an individual in most cases needs to have at least one alcoholic drink a day to sustain themselves. 

This is not how the human body was meant to be or how it was designed to function by the Creator. This is a violent act against your own divine blue print that was created as a sovereign, sacred energy. The world that you are currently living in is unfortunately a manifestation of many streams of these imposter energies that have woven their ugly tentacles through time, generation after generation and with each birthing of a child within the present polluted timeline, becoming more and more devoid of the true source divine blue print, thus becoming further separated from the energy of the Creator. 

There is, however, a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. As with all things within the known universes of the Creator, there is an intelligence that governs even the most vile creature. It is through the love of the Creator that these energies were allowed to explore the darkest aspects of themselves. However, their return to the light will be a harsh, long and winding road back to their true divine original blue print. This is the turning point that is now faced upon your earth plane at this time. You have been under the spell of these dark manipulators and some of you did not even know it, you followed along because you were unaware and were groomed as such either through generational or societal practices. These ‘overlords’ or imposters who imprisoned the earth plane have been removed from their ‘ruling’ positions. As a result, these beings, who had once moved away from the light and their true divine blueprint, are now being separated and moved to a place of rehabilitation. 

This time that is being called ‘The Golden Age’, is a time when the light is coming full circle accompanied by the power of the Creator as it makes itself known to the beings upon the earth plane. With the departure of the imposters, the light of the Creator permeates all ground that was once debauched by the imposters. It is now a time for revival, reconstruction and resurrection out of the darkness. The earth plane has been freed from the energies that once held it prisoner and as a result there is a shockwave going through the population as a vacuum is created from the retreat of these master manipulators. It is the effect perhaps known to many as the Stockholm Syndrome, where you became aligned with the very ones that held you prisoner, knowing no other way to exist but to follow their lead and their debauched ways of existence. 

The Creator’s light on the other hand, as it floods the earth plane in the form of cleansing through aurora signs within your night sky, storms and other such weather phenomena are merely hints that the Creator is here to cleans this earth plane of all its innate darkness. As this cleansing builds momentum, individuals will begin to feel shifts within their own being, whether they are aware of these shifts or not. If you are indeed awakened and have been aligned with your own spiritual practice, then you are well on your way to weathering these storms with minimum impact to your lives. You will however, be given glimpses of the perfection of what the Creator has in store for you as you move through this ascension of your soul to a higher level of consciousness - for this is what is truly taking place. 

For those that choose to live their lives with blinders still on, stuck in their Stockholm Syndrome mentality, things will become quite challenging. Likely to be as waves thrown against the rocks again and again, unable to catch a breath. It is to these beings that we lend a hand in peace as we implore you to take stock of your lives and find it in your heart to align with the higher light that is your soul’s true self. Leave behind all of the manipulation and depravity of the old world and embrace the new. There is a truth and a wisdom in it once you discover this true texture of the divine. It will bless you and gently heal your heart, away from the harshness of the past manipulation and degradation, that your soul had to endure at the hands of the imposters. 

As you embrace this new self, you will be washed and cleansed with the golden light of the divine, your soul will begin to sparkle as your true creative being emerges and comes into focus, allowing you to breathe into your true divine blue print as it was meant to be originally. With this new self, comes wealth and abundance not in the form of money or large estates, but true wealth within your heart and abundance of spirit. This will manifest in your life and in all aspects around you as you move through your day with ease and grace. You will experience joy and happiness in just being you. There will no longer be any anger, hurt, greed, malice or other such aggression, that you might have experienced in your old life. 

As you acquaint yourself with this new YOU, and your daily connection to the divine strengthens - by simply connecting to your higher energies and allowing for the higher light to be within your every present moment, you will stay within this vibration that is the new YOU. As the light strengthens within your aura and your energy field, the streams of consciousness that dogged your old self will fall away as it will no longer have a hold on you, for the light within you is too strong. 

This new YOU will then expand into the consciousness of the Golden Age, welcoming the energies of the consciousness that resides in close proximity to the Creator, that allows for the individual and the collective to bask and bathe in this field of energy and its golden light. It is within this field that beings will be exposed to higher states of consciousness that expand their minds into exploring aspects of themselves that draws on universal intelligence that is so vast and expansive as it explodes into infinity. The more divinely creative the mind is the more it can penetrate these expanded forms of consciousness into the universal intelligence of the Creator. 

As we end this transmission, it is our wish for you to receive this message into your heart as a beacon of this higher consciousness as it beckons you towards the Creator and towards your own soul’s evolution, not devolution - which would be the case if you remain still, stagnant or constant within the depravity of what your society is currently promoting. Raise yourself out of this mindset by following a daily meditative practice, going within, finding a quiet space and aligning with your true soul’s essence and reaching out for that spark of the Creator within your heart that might have been dormant for some time now. 


The Collective of 3

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