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Mind Control & Propaganda

Why would an ex-president of the free world produce a really bad movie? Why are the ruling class listed on known pedophile flight logs? Why is it that the wheels of justice cannot find a single person in these higher echelons guilty? The death trail from the last three years continues its silent progress as the so called mainstream media refuse to connect the dots. While the virtue of real journalism erodes to become a thing of the past, citizen journalists and truthers seek their own justice as they gather their own damning evidence. Evidence that is valid and mounting by the minute. But where does one go with this evidence when the very fabric of the systems that seems to hold society accountable is corrupt all the way to the top? Evidence that is often classified by the perpetrators as 'conspiracy theories or fake news'. These very conspiracy theories that are now proving to be true as the truth gets closer and closer and pervades your homes and your very being.

"Leave the World Behind" was recently released on Netflix, which I'm sure millions have membership to and watch in the comfort of your home, earmarked as 'entertainment'. This terrible excuse for a movie produced by an ex-president and his cronies are just one sliver of the fabric of depravity we live in today. The truth of it is they have your attention, they are now in your home, ensconced snugly with you and your popcorn as they slowly but surely layer your being with their deeply deprived sound bytes. You watch the movie unaware that the grim reaper has come to collect the fruit of its labour that was firmly planted within your bloodstream by the multiple jabs forced upon the many. This dark seed is now awakened by the subliminal messaging being broadcast by the movie to spark destruction within the very cells of your being.

The evidence as outlined and demonstrated by Bonnie & John Mitchell, Part 1 & Part 2, is quite damning as the proof is clear to see as that second round of depopulation is already underfoot as the movie itself is the delivery of the weapon. This is just one arm of the many treacherous tentacles of this dark ruling class.

The ruling class with their playbook of a preemptive strike on the masses is now easy to see. They have to warn you before they deliver their lethal blow. This blow was delivered when a poisonous shot that would ruin the lives of millions on the planet. Not before a dress rehearsal - their lethal warning, was played out in the form of Event 201, on October 18, 2019. This playbook manifested into our reality at the end of 2019 and is now well on its destructive path at the time of this writing in January 2024. The foundations of this scar on the population and the dark seed that was planted has now come to fruition with their intricately planned agenda of depopulation. The grim reaper swept through the plains picking up the carcasses of the innocent that were only following orders and being good citizens. Darkness moves with stealth, beckoning and seducing the light with its false promises of wealth and well being. So, watch the movie if you must, ignore the warnings that the many have tried to give you of this new preemptive strike, for this is a world of free will, isn't it? And that choice is ultimately yours to make.

For the gentle souls known as light workers and star seeds who try to show up for the many, trying to save friends and family are often overcome by the darkness and hatred directed towards them as they are admonished into a corner and silenced for their bravery. To these brave souls, much like Bonnie & John Mitchell, I say, keep on shining your light as the tide is turning. Your light has been witnessed by the higher realms as these light energies now permeate the earth plane, slaying the darkness with their swords of truth and justice.

Namaste and blessings to all

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