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Count down to the Golden Age Portal (January 15, 2024, Indian Standard Time)

Gear up folks, we are at the threshold of something great! The end of the Kali Yuga is nigh as it gradually tapers off into the abyss by the year 2025.

But what is happening on January 15, 2024? For twelve hours beginning at 6 am, Indian Standard Time (IST), until 6 pm, we - the earthlings along with our beloved Gaia (mother earth) align front centre with the Galactic centre of the milky way, peaking at 12 noon IST. This twelve hour period is a period of tangible connection to the divine with support from the entire living galaxy. This allows you to receive direct communication, blessings and healing from the highest light (God, Source Creator, Almighty, any other name you choose to address this energy).

How can you tap into this energy? You may wish to prepare your being by clearing your energy, going into meditation, fasting, being present, listening to high vibrational music. Go into these spaces with pure intention and with a clear conscious. Remember that the end of Kali Yuga means the end of the age of darkness, moral decline, spiritual degradation, corruption, greed, disregard for spiritual values etc. Sound familiar? We are in the throes of this right now in our present society. This door firmly shuts on January 15, 2024 as we welcome in the energies of the Golden Age - the age of Aquarius. This is a grand time for our species, and so it is a precious time to be living in a physical body as we get to experience this shift of consciousness during our lifetime. Another way to receive these blessings is to be grateful. The frequency of gratitude holds a very high vibration and so arm yourself with a golden pen if you have it and write out with intention all the things YOU are grateful for, giving thanks for your family and your ancestors. Blessing them with health and wellbeing weather they are of this world or not.

As the darkness recedes and the light permeates the planes, it lands powerfully and grounds itself as the earth moves and continues its journey through the photon belt, washing itself in the glorious energies of the higher light. These are times of cleansing and times of healing for the many. It is also a time to choose which path each individual would like to take. If an individual chooses to stay with the old energies and patterns, continuing to do things as they did before, as a default, out of habit or comfort by remaining where they are - things will get very difficult and hard for these beings. As they will essentially be fighting against the light.

If an individual, however chooses to shift and to step into the light and change their lives for the better by choosing to live a life serving the many, by going within and living a pure life by being compassionate, being conscious of all living beings whether human, animal or plant life, then they will, by default, be living in the present and will be shown a path of light. This will raise their vibrational frequency as an individual soul by becoming pure beings and living in the light.

In doing so, as a collective, we will be merging with Gaia, as she ascends from the third dimension (current, very dense energy), bridging the gap of the fourth and ascending into fifth dimensional beings. This fifth dimension is a state of mind. It is each being shifting their being consciously from their current state of being into a higher vibrational state of being. It does not mean death - a soul lives on, beyond dimensional shifts.

So, as we transcend this dense energy into a lighter, more efficient being, living lives in a conscious way, take that step consciously by shifting your reality by being present, while serving the many.

Service to others versus service to self.

Namaste and peace to all.

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