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Break-away civilizations

This golden age we are embarking upon as creatures inhabiting the earth is truly a remarkable time to be alive, and to be a part of such a cosmic event taking place right before our eyes. Whether we are aware of the changes happening within, around and beyond our consciousness is a matter of each being’s participation in this cosmic dance. Although the permutations and combinations of this evolution are infinite, and as vast as the unknown realities beyond our comprehension, we are nonetheless, taking part in this evolution as a species.

The conscious choices made in every now or present moment takes you on a path that dictates the thread of the fabric chosen to weave into this larger tapestry that is the souls’ journey. If you are a being that chooses to be completely involved in the thread (or path) you have picked, I say to you - “welcome to living within the full spectrum of your soul’s journey”. For it is here that you get to have a bird’s eye view of all the choices you have made to bring you to this now moment, in full view of all the choices you will consciously make as you move forward. Going forward, you will experience your life not as a three dimensional being, but as a fifth dimensional being, becoming fully aware of yourself as a being of light. As you embrace this change you will dance between these two spectrums of your being as it relates to the multi-dimensional existence of your soul. 

You will embark on a journey that allows you to, while in physical form, engage with higher dimensional, light-beings, guides and highly intelligent energies that are directly connected to the source field of all that is pure and directly connected to the energy of All That Is. This is the sweet-spot where you get to make choices from your soul’s higher perspective, knowing that you are moving forward in your life aware, conscious and in full knowing that you are a part of the divine fabric of the Creator.

To get to this state of being, you will be called upon to shed the threads of your past that were of a darker and less vibrant colour. You will find that these threads no longer serve you or are less suitable for the truly divine patterns of your soul and how it was truly meant to be. This unravelling of old patterns can often be challenging as it is all that you have ever known and have become comfortable with the weave and the feel of this cloth against your skin. However, the colourful threads you are now being offered, beckon you with a longing from deep within your soul. You become aware of the strong emotions within, as they rise to the surface to confront this choice - should I weave these new threads into my pattern? 

There are often whisperings of self doubt, fear, anxiety, but there is also a sense of wonder, promise, joy and happiness at the potential of creating something spectacular. Am I really capable of taking on these new threads and weaving this divine fabric into the tarnished fabric of my past? Your soul whispers back - it is a strong and resounding “Yes”. Embrace it with your heart and even if it is a small sampling of that divine love and beauty - take a lick and taste it, smell it, feel it!

Armed with these new threads, you begin to weave these threads of beauty into your life, as you develop a daily practice of this arrayed sampling. You will be constantly challenged as the new threads will not match the old patterns of your life, however, tune into your heart and those whisperings of your soul to give you the strength to keep moving forward. Be still, stay focused and present, breath in and breath out. Expanding and making space for this new energy. Forgive the old patterns and be grateful to them for their comfort and services offered to you in the past. It is time for you to embrace this new creative energy that brings you so much joy and fulfilment. As you continue to weave these new patterns into your life, you will begin to see shifts take place, it will be subtle at first, you will most likely not notice anything. But as you continue with your daily practice, you will see bigger shifts happening as the energy around you begins to shift as well. 

Your family and friends begin to see the beautiful threads of this new energy as it expands and emerges from your aura. They start to complement you on how beautiful it looks or feels to them and wish to know how they could acquire such threads (!) as well. As you embrace your boldness and stand in this new light, embracing these new colours and patterns in your life, share your experience with the many that have come to you to share in your newly discovered secret.

There is a softness and kindness that permeates within you as you continue to weave these threads, this energy heals your heart and softens the blows of your past, filling those dark places with shimmering, graceful, pearlescent divine light as you continue to weave. You notice that as you progress, the colours you encounter start to get more dynamic, fantastic, vibrant and out of this world. It is a constant 'present' energy of joy, nourishment, fulfilment and abundance.

You begin to see, feel, know and expand in your consciousness as you move through your days being present in every decision, every choice you make along the way. Making choices becomes a breeze, there is no longer an internal struggle, no more harshness, there is only joy, peace, love and harmony to be had as you step forward pace after gentle pace into your divinity and into the aspect of yourself that is embodying the essence of living within your soul’s fifth dimensional experience, while still inhabiting a physical body.

I wish you peace and joy on your path!



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