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Ten years ago, circa 2013 if you had asked me about religion or spirituality, I would have laughed and said - "don't bother me with such subjects". However, things changed for me as I was in a way thrown into the deep end and had to face certain things in my life. Beginning in 2016, my true awakening began with the passing away of my boss. I had to put a pause on my life and deal with this emotional situation, as I had not confronted death before. I took a hiatus away from my 9-5 office administration job, and went off to manage a yoga centre for about two years on Salt Spring Island.


It was during this time that I became more disciplined in my yoga and meditation practice. Even though I had been practicing for many years prior to this, these years at the centre allowed me to make a true breakthrough if you will. It was also during this time that I began communicating with higher-dimensional beings, many of whom came into my perception through meditation. 

It later progressed to them speaking to me as I would another person as if they were they were in the same room. I speak to them telepathically, I cannot see or hear them with my physical senses. In this way, we developed a rapport. They came to me with their stories - fantastic stories of their worlds and realities in other dimensions, their experiences and how they lived. I encountered beings of both darkness and of the light. I went through a time of discernment in knowing how to transmute the darkness and embrace the light.


The light ones became more and more prevalent to me. I heard stories of how creation began and while all of this was taking place they showed me how to heal myself and connect to my higher self. I have since healed much trauma from my past lives and trauma from this lifetime, although some of this work is still ongoing. During these communications, agreements were made where I would assist them in getting their stories to everyday people like you.


So I started writing. As a result, I have written two wonderful books that are each quite different in their telling. However, the common theme is for each of us to pause in our busy, everyday lives and try to figure out what our true purpose in this life is. Are we chasing wealth, power, and money or are we hoping to achieve a higher calling?


I have certainly taken on the mantle to align with my higher purpose. By doing this I have aligned with my purpose, which is to assist these beings in aligning myself to my highest purpose and this is to serve the many by in turn aligning their energies to their higher self and to their highest purpose. I do not wish to debate your religious beliefs or spirituality. All I ask is for you to explore your connection to your higher self and who or what you consider a higher power.


My books give you accounts of beings that lived on this physical plane and were able to transcend these challenges by becoming light beings while still in physical form. The books in addition to my courses and sessions provide you with everyday exercises and easy ways to go about bridging the gap and connecting to your higher self.

I encourage you to take this journey into the higher realms.

In gratitude,



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